Please check back frequently for an updated list of local and national resources available for veterans and their family members. All of our resources have been fully vetted and these are organizations that can help you ‘get on track’ with recovery and rehabilitation.

  1. Department of Veteran Affairs– This is your first stop for many inquiries. Often the information we compile comes directly from the VA and its programs. Although the VA falls short on its mission, it is still a viable resource to federal benefits as they pertain to veterans and their family members.
  2.  Social Security Administration– This is another federal resource offered through an application process that can aid/subsidize medical and financial needs for disabled veterans and family members. Social Security is independent of VA compensation and disability plans.
  3.  WildOps– This is a group that operates in the western part of the United States with a Board of Directors nationwide. Their goal is to offer an experience in the ‘wild’ for combat veterans where the focus is on faith-based healing. To apply for one of these experiences, please visit their website.
  4.  Joni and Friends– This organization has been working with families affected by disability for decades. This organization offers two retreats for warriors and their families as a thank you and an opportunity to reconnect with the family in a peaceful setting. One retreat is in Maryland and one retreat is in Texas. For an application, please visit their website.
  5.  Military Family Center– This is a property ran by Pegasus Farms in Louisville, OH with a myriad of resources available to veterans and their families that range from horsemanship sessions, counseling services, physical and occupational therapy, and individualized exercise programs.
  6.  Patriot Network Radio– This is a radio talk show available on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube that is to inform military/veterans/families about the benefits they have earned. The facilitators of this show have over 40 years of combined experience assisting servicemembers and their families.

*If you are interested in being featured as a veteran resource on our page, please contact us with your organizations information and a brief description of what you program does for veterans.

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