Fundraisers and Giving

Ongoing Donation Options

Check out our donation button on the homepage if you are interested in giving a direct contribution. As a 501c3 non-profit, all donations to Veterans Celebrating Life are tax deductible.


If you shop on Amazon, please consider making us your charity of choice by following this link: It costs you nothing to do this and each purchase you make allows for a percentage of that purchase to be donated to Veterans Celebrating Life!

Current Fundraiser(s)

Nom Nom Popcorn Company is a local small business in the Stark County area. They offer gourmet popcorn and peanuts and through a cooperative effort, they will support us with the proceeds both now and as an ongoing donation commitment to our organization.

Currently we are selling Refillable Nom Nom Gourmet Popcorn and Nut Tins. The popcorn tin is $29.95 and the nut tin is $14.95 for the first full purchase. Veterans Celebrating Life will receive 30% of the earnings!

Tins can be purchased as one time gifts if you do not live locally, but they are refillable at any of the four Nom Nom Popcorn locations in Stark County. Refills with your popcorn tin will be $12. Refills of you nut tin are as follows: $6 for peanuts, $8 for mixed nuts, $10 for almonds and $12 for cashews.

For each refill you purchase, Veterans Celebrating Life will CONTINUE to earn an additional $1 for each refill!

There are four Nom Nom Popcorn Locations and your tin can be refilled at any of the following places:

6798 Wales Ave NW in North Canton
4866 Everhard Road in Canton near Belden Village
Inside the Hartville Marketplace
1965 East Maple Street in North Canton

Nom Nom Popcorn asks for 2-3 weeks from the end of the fundraiser to fill order in which time the tins will be available for pickup and distribution. If you are ordering and do not live in the immediate area, THAT’S OKAY! We will ship them to you at cost. Refills and pickup are available only to local folks.

You may preorder using the Google form attached to this post. The fundraiser officially runs from August 5-19, 2019. This will make the order available in early September. We have a goal of 100 tins ordered.

Nom Nom Popcorn Order Form

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